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    Our fee is as low as 5% and we offer payment options suitable for just about any budget. If you already have a payment plan set up with Weatherholtz you can click the button below to make a payment. Otherwise call us at (304) 267-5888 to arrange bail and take advantage of your easy to use payment options. Click the button below to make a payment!

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West Virginia Locations

    We have several locations in West Virginia. If someone you know has been arrested in West Virginia and needs bail, call us at 304-267-5888 right away. We help people get out of jail fast! We understand the bail process and our expert bail agents know exactly what to do. Jail can be very dangerous. Don't let someone you care about spend even one minute there than they absolutely have to.

Maryland Locations

    When someone is arrested in Maryland, we are the ones to call. Our Maryland locations can be found throughout the state. Our staff of experts is always available, 24 hours of every day. Don't waste any time, call us right now if someone you know needs bail. 304-267-5888. Nobody gets people out of jail faster than we do. We are number one in the state! Let us go to work for you.

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